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Standing Ribeye Roast

Standing Ribeye Roast

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Our hand cut beef rib roast affords you the most tender, juicy, flavorful and desirable cut of beef available. Our computer controlled 21 day dry aging process gives this highly marbled meat a rich, nutty flavor that few people ever get the opportunity to experience. 

Our black Angus cows are free ranged on regeneratively managed lush grass pastures, free of herbicides and pesticides, never given vaccines, antibiotics, added growth-hormones, GMO grain, or animal by-products. 

Treat your family to the most healthy and delicious beef available. 

Choose from two, four, and six rib sizes. 

6 Ribs  7-9 lb.  $199

4 Ribs 5-6 lb.  $149

2 Ribs  3-4 lb.  $99

*Rule of thumb, 1 rib feeds two people. 

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