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Wild Raised Rainbow Trout Filets

Wild Raised Rainbow Trout Filets

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Wild Raised - Appalacian Mountain Rainbow Trout

You get two beautiful 8 oz. filets per pack. Pin bones removed.

Not sourced through a broker, not purchased at a seafood market - the folks at Sunburst Trout farm are friends of ours. Traceability and freshness is huge to us, and we know exactly when these fish were caught. A third generation family owned business, they have perfected the way trout should be raised. High water flow, no antibiotics, and fed only non-GMO feed.

The absolute best tasting and healthiest source for trout in the US.

Mildly flavored and wonderfully delicate, rainbow trout is a deliciously healthy choice for any meal. Packed with protein and essential Omega-3 fatty acids, rainbow trout should be on your menu!

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